Oil spill in Angola

by Muhammad Moeen Apr 11, 08, 10:00 AM
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These are the sites of oil spill which occured in the offshore field of Takula which is in the provice of Cabinda in Angola. This site is among one of the biggest oil reserves producing more than 200,000 barrels of oil a day. On 11th of April 2008, during the startup of the Oil platform the Operations department of the platform lose the control of the system sending according to official records of 8-10 barrels of oil(according to eyewitnesses it was estimated to be more that 200 barrels) into the flare creating a lot of environmental hazards in the area dangering sea life and producing a cloud of smoke so high that it was reported to be seen easily some 50 miles away on shore by people. This are the pictures of one of the six spills occured on that site during a single week creating the shutdown of the whole facility due to environmental hazards it created for more than week creating a loss of more than a million barrels of oil (At that time Oil has crossed its barrier of $100). The reason of the spill was found out the negligence of the Operators and some maintenance personal who while performing their duty on the platform oversee the condition which was arrising so to startup the platform creating unsafe condition on for the marine life in the area and resulting in loss of production and money
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