Outreach Scholarship Programme(OSP) Training in FAST-NU Lahore

by Zohaib Zaidi Jul 06, 08, 05:00 PM

Outreach Scholarship Programme(OSP) Training of Teachers 2008 The National ICT RnD Fund has been funding a scholarship programme for rural areas in collaboration with NU-FAST for the past 2 years. The basic aim is to provide quality education to students who can not afford to study at universities like NU-FAST,GIKI,LUMS and NUST. The Programme is divided into 3 phases : 1) Training of Teachers (TOT) 2) Foundation Training 3) Entrance Examination The TOT at Lahore was held at NU-FAST auditorium from 4th-6th July 2008, with the total no. of participants being around 142. The aim of the TOT was to familiarise teachers with the pattern of the test that shall be conducted by NTS and how to prepare students to attempt questions in the test. The training was conducted by faculty of NU-FAST Islamabad and Lahore. Day 1 : Mr. Yasser Bhatti (Dept. of Management Science, NU-FAST Islamabad) Day 2 : Mr. Faisal Malik (NU-FAST Lahore) Day 3 : Mr. Fazl-e-Muqeem (NU-FAST Islamabad) The event would have had been highly successful if the participants would have had coordinated with us. They made issues of everything possible. I'll give a few examples. The thing on which I laughed like hell was when the lights went out in the hotels courtesy of WAPDA. They started complaining that why had the lights gone out and why there were no generators to run the AC. How can a normal hotel with 30+ rooms provide such services.Apart from that they loved to complain about the food. On day 2 at lunch, after half the meal was over one teacher stood up and said that the food had smell and it was unhygenic. Seeing that a couple of more joined him in his protest and argued that the food be tested by the Ministry of Health. Mind you the catering was done by the NUCES cafeteria who daily makes food for 800+ students. Well nothing could be done and we promised them to a better lunch the other day. Oh one more thing, the same night we had chicken quorma for dinner, the complain on that was "You should have had chosen a different menu, we don't want chicken both times", and at that point the organisers were like there's no solution to their issues. The event ended on the 6th of July with the teachers being paid Rs.2000 stipend/head, and mind you there were thousand issues on that as well. The next TOT is at NU-FAST Psh, from 7th-9th July 2008. The organisers hope that the TOT at Peshawar will be much better as the staff is quite cooperative and the participants are much friendlier than those in Punjab.
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