Protest for Dr Afia Release in Lahore by Sudents

by Yaser Awan Aug 09, 08, 03:50 PM
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Students belonging to FAST Rising, SAC, ISF, USF, political parties like Khaksaar Tehreek, and Professionals from YPL protested in front of Lahore Press Club for the release of Dr Afia. From press club they marched towards American Consulate and chanted slogans against the brutal treatment of American and Pakistani governments. A large number of policemen blocked there path in front of American Consulate. From there they went towards Shimla Pahari and marched around it and then the protest ended peacefully at 7 PM.
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Wasif Hassan Aug 09, 08, 06:20 PM

flour is 27/kg but the life of a Pakistani is free for USA.....a bitter reality
I think we need to do something to bring more and more people in such protests.....
we have to put more pressure on the government and we must not stop unless Dr. Afiya is released.....

Asad Mahmood Aug 09, 08, 04:25 PM

No too much attendance ... :(

I think until Mush go for our sisters, we will not come out. But at that time .. no one will be there for us as we arn't for Dr Afia at the moment
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