Fire at Ghakkar Plaza

by Zohaib Zaidi Dec 20, 08, 07:12 AM
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Ghakkar plaza... one of the largest plaza in rwp caught fire at arnd 2:30am this morning. Initially being said as a short circuit the fire brigades reached at arnd 3:00 am.
3 people have been feared dead. One being the manager who lived in the top floor. He was trapped and burned to death.
Fire brigades are still trying to rescue people who might be stuck and get rid of the fire
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Abdul Qudoos Dec 20, 08, 01:38 PM

I completely agree. We as individuals have been ignoring our responsibilities for decades now. Leaving everything to others specially government. However Governmental authorities should implement the law in an authoritative way and when they are doing it our responsibility is to support them instead of protesting against them.

Muhammad Moeen Dec 20, 08, 08:06 AM

we put everything on Gov but there should be strict regulations regarding electricity wiring in buildings and designs should be submistted , reviewed and checked as they are followed or not regarding electricity layout and panel. Wapda should do regulation that before giving electricity connection the electric company of the district should go to that plaza view and verify that the design is followed before approving the electricity connection to that plaza and all the old plazas should be reviewed for electricity connection these regulations people should know are for their safety otherwise the way wiring is mostly done in such plazas it always generate the potential hazard of short circuting creating property, assets and sometimes loss of life
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