QnA session with Senator Mushahid Hussain

by Yaser Awan Jan 06, 09, 01:16 PM

After the talk Senator Mushahid Hussain faced a lot of uncomfortable questions about his tenure as minister, whatever happened during that time and what Pakistan should do in current situation. some of questions are as follows.

  • What is it that civil society and students need to do to take the peace process to the next level.

  • Why we on our own have become to flag bearer of Islam when no other Muslim coutry wants us to.

  • What gives him the credibility to talk about Pakistan when his own government handed over Pakistanis to America and messed up at a lot of places like Lal masjid etc.

  • What his government did in such situations and what the current government messed up.

  • How does a man of Mushahid hussain calibre finds himself standing with people like Chaudries etc.

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