punjab muslim leuage nawaz worker rally against isirael on 12 january fasiel chowk

by Adrees Hasan Jan 12, 09, 03:00 PM
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Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) held a big rally against the Israeli aggretion in Gaza strip. Thousands of workers participated in the rally and chanted slogans against Israel's brutality and America for supporting this act of Terrorism. Israeli flag was burnt. The rally started on Mall road and ended near Faisal chawk where Hamza Shahbaz addressed to the workers. Many other MNAs and MPAs like Khawaja Saad Raffique, Mian Marghoob were present and lead the Rally. Muslim Leagui leaders expressed there sorrow and blamed UN and Security council who have failed completely in ensuring peace. Instead of doing that they have stopped there aid activities in Gaza as well. Hamza Shahbaz also said that its shamefull that we are awarding Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam to American where as they are fully supporting Israeli terrorism in Palestine and killing innocent people in Pakistan.
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Asad Mahmood Jan 15, 09, 09:07 PM

Whats up with all this burning things ... Are we trying to pollute ourself in sorrow of Palestine.

Polluting our own environment, ruining roads and burning things is ignorant way to demonstrate. Shows immaturity of our Political parties and there workers.
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