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by Mansoor Yahya Feb 19, 09, 06:51 AM

Gaming Competition

Frag Fest Gaming Competition 2008 is the annual gaming competition that is held as a part of the NASCON event, for the revival of gaming in Pakistan. With special thanks to Cyber Shot Network Gaming, Adiyalia Road Rawalpindi for their endless and ultimate support in conducting the event. The purpose of the competition is to provide gamers within the institutes of Pakistan a fun, healthy platform wherein they can compete in their respective games, and try to earn a cash prize while they’re at it.  The event attracts gamers from all over Pakistan, all competing neck to neck for the title of top gamers. It is also hoped that this event will further the name of gaming as a whole; gaming has already become a valid profession in many parts of the world, and it is our hope that it will evolve to this, both from the points of the gamers themselves, as well as Pakistani society as a whole.

Played Games

Ø  Call of Duty IV (Search and Destroy)

Ø  MOHAA (Non-Default Maps)

Ø  Counter Strike 1.6 patch V.32

Ø  DOTA (Latest, stable Map available till February 2009)

Ø  FIFA 2008

[Rules & Procedures]




01. Only five participants per team (belonging to the same institute/gaming cafe) are allowed. A maximum of five teams are allowed from each institute but only one may be accepted on the ‘first come first serve’ basis due to limited seats.


02.  FIFA 2008, a single participant from an institute/gaming cafe is allowed.




. The complete registration requires the following documents to be submitted before the deadline.


             i.        Registration Form.

            ii.        Reference Letter of institute/gaming club.

           iii.        Registration Fee (in the form of valid and acceptable bank draft).

           iv.        Copy of NIC of each Player (if over 18 years), otherwise copy of B-Form.


03. Entries must be made at least 3 weeks before the announced event commencement date.


04. All participants must submit a Reference Letter signed by the academic officer/gaming zone administrator of the institute/gaming zone to identify them as currently enrolled undergraduate student of the institute or regular players of gaming cafe. Participants will be required to submit this reference letter by hand, post or fax.


05.  Accepted applicants must confirm their participation in the competition by               visiting our website In case the participation is not confirmed contact us immediately on or on +92-322-5124909.


06. Registration fee for the Gaming Competition in NASCON 2009 is PKR 500/- per player. The Registration fee for MOHAA is PKR 750/- per Player. The registration fee is non refundable.


Payment Method:

Bank Draft: Registration fee may be in the form of a bank draft (excluding bank charges) in favor of “National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad”, which should be payable in any Pakistan-based bank.

(This Bank Draft can be submitted either by post or by hand.)




Traveling and Accommodation


9. Accommodation arrangements for the outstation participants would be made by the NASCON Management on request.


10. NASCON Management will not bear any traveling expenses of the participants.



Competition Rules


General Rules

  1. Each member of a team must be above 10 years of age to enter the competition.

  2. Food and Drink(s) is/are NOT allowed inside the arena.

  3. Use of any kind of drugs (Citrates, Hash, Alcohol, etc) is NOT allowed and strictly prohibited, anyone found guilty will be reported to police to ensure strict and swear action against him/her.

  4. The players can be members of any educational institution, and in the 8th grade or above (for schools), or have graduated from a university within the last 2 years.

  5. Each member of a team should belong to the same institute/gaming cafe.

  6. Any substitutions must be made only with the approval of the judge for the game in question.  The judge reserves the right to approve or deny this substitution.  Any unauthorized substitution will result in the disqualification of the team in question.

  7. The organizing committee reserves the right to amend/modify any of the rules at any stage of the competition.

  8. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject any team’s entry, should the number of participants exceed those that can be accommodated.

  9. Hacking, screening, cheat code, or any other attempt to achieve an unfair advantage are strictly prohibited, and will result in a disqualification.

  10. Computer systems (with Microsoft Windows® XP SP2) will be provided by NU-FAST Islamabad. Participants are, however, advised to bring their own hardware wherever possible (mice, keyboards, mouse, mouse pads, headphones, etc).  They are also required, if necessary, to bring the drivers for this hardware as well. The additional hardware should be with USB jack (for mouse and keyboard only), no PS2 jack based Hardware will be acceptable.

  11. The participants will be expected to behave properly during the event.  In the event of misconduct, the offending party will be offered a warning.  Upon failure to adhere to this, the participant(s) involved will be dealt with severely.

  12. In any and all cases, the judges’ decisions will be final.  No objections will be entertained, and incessant.

  13. The participants of the gaming competition are requested to be present at the Front Desk, NU-FAST Islamabad, on April 1st 2009 and confirm their registration before 9:00 pm, after which no registrations will be accepted. The time of arrival for a team can change only by judge’s approval. And in case of any emergency please contact Gaming Coordinator Mansoor Yahya, at least 2 days before competition.


Cell: +92-322-5124909


Game-Specific Rules

All Games will be played on WCG 2008 (Modified) rules, available at

MOHAA will be played on following rules. Which are also available on web site


·         5 vs 5 Matches.

·         Match will be played on Customized (Non-Default) maps.

·         Each map, maximum of 8 minutes play time.

·         Best of three of each map will decide the winning team (in Finals Only).

·         Maps and (Allies and Axis) will be decided on toss.

·         Any player (if) views spectator mode during the Competition, will lead his team to the penalty of giving up the map to opponent team.

·         Cursing and Slugging and use of any king of abusive language/gestures (is/are) NOT allowed, and may lead to disqualification of player/team.

·         Map Played:

Aftermath (Revised)


Close Combat

Sniper Valley

Arena 23





1.         Each match will start in time with a grace period of 10 minutes (for settings). Delay of any kind will not be tolerated and the opponent team will automatically get a walkover.

2.         No food and drinks are allowed in the gaming area.

3.         No extra person/supporters will be allowed in the arena during match.

4.         No screening allowed.

5.         All installation of hardware and software will be done under supervision of organizers.

6.         In case of Power failure or PC shutdown the match will be restarted or the judge will decide the outcome.

7.             The NASCON Management reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice.

8.             Some proof of ID is essentially required (NIC, B-Form, College ID, Passport and Driving License). Failing to do so will result in disqualification.


*For full details of games (maps/server settings) refer to the NASCON website (


For more information feel free to contact:-

UAN: +92-51-111-128-128


Cell: +92-322-5124909


NASCON  09' Gaming Coordinator(s)

Ø Mansoor Yahya (i050059)

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