Asfandyar Wali and tolerence

by Syed Ali May 23, 10, 03:50 PM

"Karachi will become Beruit" says Asfandyar Wali chairman of ANP while addressing a Convention in Newyork City he further said that we must learn to tolerate each other and respect other point of views. These were the very words from Asfandyar Wali asking every one to tolerate each other and respect point of views but what He and his party has done so far to tolerate the movement of Hazara Province, Yes ANP has done a lot for Hazara Movement as 13 people were shoot dead and 100s of protesters were injured brutally when Police open straight fire on the protestors who were staging a demonstration in the favor of Hazara Province , in other incidents Hazarawals were kidnapped by ANP workers in Karachi and were physically harassed and in another incident ANP officials reported FIRs against 7 Hazarawals who were placing banners of Hazara movement in Karachi. That was not it for the Asfandyar's tolerance, when the movement didn't stop its momentum ANP tried to malign the movement calling it a political plot and evil movement of Satan (shaitan) all over media in talk shows and in press conferences. ANP is deliberately ignoring the plea of Hazarawals not only ignoring but also bullying Hazarawal's province movement all over Pakistan. Asfandyar wali speaking of tolerance and accepting difference of opinion while on the other hand his party is openly and clearly bullying and maligning efforts and movement of Hazara Province . It is the constitutional right of Hazarawals to demand a separate province and it is a democratic right of any one to stage peaceful demonstration for their demands. As ANP and Asfandyar did to malign the Hazara Province movement was not the act of democratic champion killing and injuring 100s of innocent protesters, kidnapping people, physical harassment and registering FIRs just because they have raised their voice for their province so much for the tolerance of Asfandyar Wali and no doubt that with this tolerance level Asfandyar can turn Karachi into Beruit.
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