Karachi Local Govt. CNG busses and Passengers attacked by Pro Taliban ANP

by Syed Ali Aug 19, 09, 06:48 PM
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Attack On CDGK CNG Buses‏: (August 18, 2009) Incident took place at Drigh road over Natha Khan bridge between 5-6 pm, city wardens reported that ANP (Awami National Party) workers attacked at least 2 CDGK buses , snatched tool box, important documents and and abducted two city warden. ANP workers also attacked passengers in the incident leaving several seriously injured.

It is also reported that police officials at Drigh road Police station kept witnessing the violence until miscreants done the damage

It cannot be ignored that ANP is funded by Taliban and AL-QUAIDA they get both financial arm aid by Taliban and Al-Quaida to create disturbance in the city and make their way clear in Karachit

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