Railway stops Platform Ticket sales causing trouble to people coming to see off their relatives

by Yaser Awan Aug 24, 09, 03:36 AM
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During my recent trip to railway station of lahore to drop some relatives off I noticed a very strange change. Platform ticket was for the people (who were not there for traveling purpose) to visit platform mainly to pick and drop their relatives. The ticket introduced a lot of ease as in Pakistan many senior citizens and common people dont know how to find the right platform, reach that platform (as its a big station) and board the train. As the station is huge so there are a lot stairs as well and many ladies eventhough not with too much luggage have trouble reaching platform. Keeping all this in mind its strange to see such stupid decision being made and implemented.
One could argue that it might have been done for security reasons and to stop unrelated people from reaching platform but then for what all those security gates are for? The platform ticket was also a profitable thing as many people would buy them (eventhough not everyone). May be it was done to stop ripping common people off but that seems highly unlikely because now you can't enter the gates without having a proper ticket (buying that just to visit platform would be plain stupid). On inquiring from railway staff their behaviour was rude and they simply said "Nahi ja saktay bus".

Trains are being stopped and stupid decisions are being made all in the name of making railway profitable.
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T G Nov 10, 09, 07:24 AM

I cant see urdu in my broswer i dont know why, cant u write in english or latin urdu?

Yaser Awan Nov 08, 09, 12:39 PM

???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?? :)

T G Nov 02, 09, 07:21 PM

Next time go and buy ticket of cant station in 10 RS and go to platform... I knows its not good but it is work around!

Mudassar Nazar Aug 26, 09, 07:10 AM

And you know there is an easy way to bypass this :)

Simply buy Lahore Cant ticket of Rs. 15 and go inside and enjoy :)

Plus if you think Platform ticket was of worth Rs. 5 then you can achieve that level of satisfaction as well :)

After seeing off/receiving your guests. Return the ticket at fine of Rs. 5 :)

You can see the efficacy of our rules. A dumb like me can easily exploit them :)
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