Solo, But Not Alone

by Muhammad Ali Oct 20, 09, 04:25 PM

A new generation of entrepreneurs is congregating in 'co-working' spaces across the country. 

David Brunelle was living the dream: He’d shucked his 9-to-5 office job, liberated himself from the cubicle farm and started his own business. He was working from home, being his own boss … and before long, wallowing in freedom.

“More often than not, I’d find myself on the couch, playing Xbox at 1 in the afternoon,” says Brunelle, a Seattle web developer. “It became pretty clear that to be productive, I needed structure, I needed to set boundaries between my work and my home life, and I needed to be around other people who are serious about their work.”

Fortunately, Brunelle, who launched his web design company last November, discovered Office Nomads, a 5,000-square-foot collection of work spaces designed for people just like him: sole proprietors, freelancers, artists, consultants and other independent workers who have emerged to work and connect under the same roof.
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