Undercover Policemen arresting members of provincial assembly

by Khawaja Inam Feb 26, 09, 01:00 PM
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During an attempt to hold an assembly session several MPAs were arrested by undercover policemen by the order of governor. The MPAs mainly belonging to Pakistan Muslim League (N) expressed their hatred against illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional steps taken by the Governor and President

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Muhammad Moeen Mar 14, 09, 05:50 PM

Yeah and Sharif family too about the $1.5 billions he have plus the assets they have in Saudi Arabia and many more. It will give all a fair justice to all.

Altaf Ahmed Mar 13, 09, 05:12 PM

Absolute power corrupts absolutely; that's what happened to Zardari.We need our money back kept in Swiss banks in the name of both husband and wife.They have $ i.8 billions in their swiss account besides much more in UK banks according to a Newyork Times Report.He should be tried in International Criminal Court in order to get a fair justice. Altaf Ahmed Toronto Canada
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