2010-Jan-19 to 2010-Jan-28. Othello in Karachi Again.................

by Shan-E-Muhammad Khan Jan 05, 10, 09:34 AM
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Shakespeare's OTHELLO is being stage by Napa Repertory Theatre Company (NRTC) From 19th Jan to 28th Jan 2010 At Arts Council Theatre, Karachi. Supervised by Zia Mohyeddin and Directed by Ali Abbas.

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Shakespeare’s Play “Othello”

Othello, a General employed by the Venetian state, has secretly married Desdemona, a daughter of the Venetian senator Brabantio. Iago, an ensign nursing a private grudge against Othello, sets about revenging himself. He and Roderigo, a disappointed suitor of Desdemona, bring Brabantio to the Senate where, learning that she has married Othello of her own accord, he disowns his daughter. Othello is immediately ordered to the Venetian colony of Cyprus to repel a threatened Turkish invasion. Desdemona sails with her husband, taking with them her companion Emilia, who is also Iago's wife, and Othello's lieutenant Michael Cassio, newly promoted over Iago's head.
Once in Cyprus, Iago plants the suspicion in Othello's mind that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him with Cassio. He engineers a drunken brawl for which Cassio is blamed and dismissed by Othello. Desdemona intercedes on Cassio's behalf but her constant pleas to Othello for his reinstatement only serve to convince Othello that Cassio is her lover. Iago acquires a treasured handkerchief from Desdemona and uses it as 'proof' of the affair. Increasingly maddened by jealousy, Othello orders Iago to kill Cassio and strangles Desdemona himself.
Emilia discloses her husband's plot and Othello, tormented by grief and remorse, kills himself. Iago, after murdering his own wife, is left to the justice of the Venetian state.
Othello: Shan Sheikh
Iago: Nazr-ul-Hassan
Desdemona: Mehwash Siddque
Emilia: Uzma Khan
Cassio: Zain Nazar
Roderigo: Shan-e-Muhammad
Brabantio/Gratiano: Sunil Shanker
Duke/Lodovico: Ali Abbas
Montano: Gohar Sadiq
Senator: Hassan ur Rehman
Bianka: Rukhsana
2-Senator: Umair Bhutto
Sailor: Mansoor
Officer’s/Soldier’s: Ishtiaq-ur-Rasool
Raheel Sheikh
Kashif Abbas
Umair Bhutto
Omi Butt
Kashif Meer

Translated by: Sajjad Zaheer
Directed by: Ali Abbas

From 19th Jan to 28th Jan 2010
At Arts Council Theatre, Karachi.

Contact: 0300 3653392 / 021-35693701-3 / 0345-8855233
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