First Step of primary education Faisalabad Pakistan

by Abdul Majid Apr 10, 10, 04:16 PM
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A railly has strick out under the lead of M.N.A Akram Ansary  and 

M.P.A Kh.Islam for the "First Step" of primary education at 

Faisalabad Pakistan.10/04/2010
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Izabella F Apr 30, 10, 09:26 AM

It is really nice to see people that are willing to fight for their right. By the way, the man who murdered Malcolm X at point blank range has become paroled. He admitted to the murder of the Civil Rights Movement leader, but maintains to this day that the other two men arrested with him were not his accomplices. Thomas Hagan was due to be released on Wednesday, but because his agreements was completed early he was paroled Tuesday. He has served 45 years in prison and has attempted for parole 16 times before they approved this one. Really though just how much is going to change. I'd bet very little. He received his master's degree in sociology, which is a great accomplishment for a prison inmate; and he has been on a work release program for years. He has had 2 days a week for a really long time to go out and perform a normal job.
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