New way to sell fanaticism during independence day

by Yaser Awan Aug 09, 10, 04:00 PM

August is the month of independence, as the month approaches, stalls to sell flags, stickers and badges start appearing across the country. Kids take special interest in these stalls and spend most of their pocket money buying the smaller flags and badges to decorate their streets, homes, cycles and themselves. They even make their parent buy flags to put up on their rooftops. Its a good tradition and helps a lot in promoting patriotism in kids and elders equally.
However this year i spotted these strange badges that have been specifically made to spread hatred towards India. Where as we understand that Pakistan and India have severe issues like Kashmir and water between them and there is continuous tension between the two but we also realize that this extremism of "Paleed Hindu psychology" hasn't helped us as well neither in making our nation strong nor promoting our international image. Besides there is absolutely no relation with spreading patriotism and spreading hatred for any other country. May be its becoming a national dilemma that we have been unable to distinguish between the two. This seems to be an intentional effort by certain extreme elements created during Zia's time that would cease to exist if there is no hatred spread in the young generation.
All i can say is don't buy these or similar things for your kids. We should realize that to be patriotic and progressive we need to concentrate on our internal problems instead of blaming others.
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Yaser Awan Aug 10, 10, 11:13 AM

I hope we get out of our misery, identifying the right root cause. but i know its going to take a lot of time given the kind of nation we have become.

Ale Xpressed Aug 09, 10, 05:23 PM

Very responsible message - thanks for posting this.

This isn't something new. I grew up seeing Crush India badges every Independence day available on stalls across the country.
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