MC High School Relly for Importunity of "KASHMIR" solidarity at Faisalabad Pakistan.

by Abdul Majid Feb 05, 11, 12:45 PM

Faisalabad,February 05-2011:THE observance of the Kashmir Solidarity Day is with open message that there in no way to
dilute the spiritual deep ties of Kashmires with Pakistan. SOLIDARITY Day is itself message
to the world about this unbreakable divine attachment of Pakistan with Kashmir & vise verse.
India utilizes all types of brutal acts & material tactics from last 64 years to break this
deep spiritual relation but all in vain. Being in touch with research & as human activist
aware about the facts of Kashmir freedom movement from last 33 years, have never seen Hindus
against Indian illegible occupation of Kashmir.Which is enough advice misguiding Kashmires
about the ideology of Pakistan. No doubt wrong can be with Pak policies but Pakistan is
based on Islam.Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan and it should not evidently abandon it
under any conditions.There ought to be no ambiguity on this account. The observance of the
Kashmir Solidarity Day is with appeal to remind the UNO their resolutions and an alert to
India to give emphases to this human issue.By Abdul Majid
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