"Observer Islamic Countries" urged stop air strikes non-military targets in Libya

by Ishteyaq Hayder Mar 21, 11, 08:23 PM

Antwerpen (UNN) Observer Islamic Countries consistently been against the employment of military options to solve problems and is very cautious about foreign intervention by any means. It is obvious that such interventions, implemented in Iraq and Afghanistan,have proven unsuccessful.
These and other historical examples lead "Observer Islamic Countries" to be very cautious about such policies, said Faisal Muhammad, who has also an status of "International Diplomatic Mediator".He said EU must don't follow US policy in foreign
issues because EU it self a power and the the interest of both powers is different with Muslim world.
Talking with News Arab Faisal condemned military strikes against Libya on Saturday and accused the United States going to produce another horrible example after invasion on Iraq and Afghanistan, he called  United States, Britain and France on Sunday to stop air strikes against non-military targets in Libya, meanwhile Russia & China also condemned Allied forces attack on Libya./UNN
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