PTI UK holds a meeting in Leicester to formalize the PTI UK Elections

by Abdul Majid Apr 04, 11, 11:58 PM

(London 03-04-11) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf UK Leicester (PTI UK) held a meeting in Leicester on April 03 2011 to approve a Resolution for the upcoming PTI UK elections.  The meeting was hosted by Farhat Faheem and attended by all senior members of PTI UK, ex-office holders of PTI UK and various membership coordinators from across the UK including East London, Feltham, Southall, Manchester, Bradford, Bristol, Coventry, Nottingham, Leeds, Huddersfield, Oldham etc.
The main points discussed and agreed by all participants unanimously were 1) Announcement of an Advisory Council to oversee the Election process till completion.  Advisory Council members are: Mussadiq Khan, Khwaja Imtiaz, Akram Dhareeja, Fazl-e-Rabbi, M A Raja,  Khurram Naeem 2) Nomination of Ms. Rabia Zia as a candidate for the UK Coordinator role in the upcoming UK elections 3) Agreed a proposal to hold Direct Elections in the UK as opposed to the proposed Indirect Elections which are against the principle of devolution of power and right of choice of voter.  Direct Elections will provide a model that can be implemented practically 4) It was also unanimously agreed that the term of the elected PTI UK office holders should be for a minimum of three years as per the PTI Constitution.
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