Observer Islamic Countries criticised Iran's interference in Pakistan and Arab World.

by Ishteyaq Hayder Apr 15, 11, 01:36 PM

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Cairo (UNN)  Anti Islam forces are trying to make Pakistan a new proxy battleground for both Iran and the Saudi Arabia after Iraq,which is not a healthy sign for Regional sovereignty,said Abdullah bin -Abi-Masood.

In response to the wall chalking and banners against the Saudi Arabia’s monarchy by the different Shiite organizations in Pakistan Observer Islamic Countries said "The dirty Politics" regarding two holy places of Muslim world are shamefully.

He also condemned the "interference of imperialist forces in the Arab world" and the killing of Pakistanis in Bahrain. They also expressed support for the Saudi-led military action in Bahrain.
He said If nuclear-armed Pakistan  becomes a proxy battleground,then the objective to de-nuclearise pakistan of imperialist forces  will become very easy.Shi’ite & Sunni are a part of Islam they must realised that the Muslims have paid in blood and treasure in Iraq
and after they get is still blood and tears.
Iran is unaware that they will also have to pay the pirce for using shiites as a tool in the end,this Iranian policy is no longer acceptable said Abdullah bin-Abi-Masood./UNN
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