FPCCI,China says cooperation with Pakistan

by Abdul Majid May 11, 11, 04:27 PM
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Islamabad: (May 11)
China on Wednesday said it would do everything needed to make Pakistan a strong, stable and prosperous nation by promoting cooperation in every field including trade.
We are expanding our role in development of Pakistan as there is no limit to Beijing’s unconditional cooperation with Islamabad, it said.
China is developing one of the biggest and most successful economic zones on the map of world in Kashi (Kashgar) which will bring enormous benefits to Pakistan, said Deputy DG of Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Muhammad Amin Yasin.
Speaking to business community at the residence of Raza Khan, Chairman Coordination FPCCI, Yashen said that in west we have economic powerhouse like Shenzhen and in east we have Kashi Special Economic Zone. This is the only Chinese area sharing border with Pakistan, he said.
We will need everything from Pakistan for developing multi trillion-dollar project and almost all exports would transported through Pakistan that will boost economy of the brotherly country, he told businesspersons.
Yashen, who is leading a 50-member delegation, said that Kashi economic zone would help bring prices of hundreds of items down and bring people of two countries closer.
Pakistan will be able to raise great amount of transit fees as many countries that rely on supplies from China would prefer shipment of goods through Pakistan, he informed.
Deputy Chief of Mission, Chinese Embassy Huang Xilian said that he is new in this country but feels at home while the First Secretary of Chinese Embassy Askar Tursun said that Pakistani people are sweet then honey.
At the occasion Raza Khan said that visit of Yashen have further strengthened the bilateral ties.
He said that Chinese investors should explore opportunities in sectors like finance, banking, power, alternative energy, IT, engineering goods, textile machinery, agriculture, agro-based industry, food, fruit processing, packaging, livestock and dairy farming.
Raza Khan demanded special packages and incentives for Pakistani business community in the Kashi Special Economic Zone.
He also assured participation of business community in the first ever China Asia-Europe Expo in Urumqi scheduled Sept 1-5.
Muhammad Raza Khan,
Chairman Coordination,
FPCCI, Capital Office, Islamabad
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