PTI UK protests against the drones outside the US embassy at London.May 21 2011

by Abdul Majid May 23, 11, 03:31 AM
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(London May 21 2011) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) aka Movement for Justice UK chapter organized a very successful protest (sit-in) outside the American Embassy in London UK against the drone attacks in Pakistan. Rabia Zia PTI UK

The presence of hundreds of people including women and children from all across the UK conveyed the deep feelings of the Pakistani community in Britain against the US drone attacks. All had come from different cities namely Manchester, Nottingham, North & South Wales, Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, London, Wolverhampton, Southampton, Northampton, Oldham, Aylesbury etc.  We were also supported by Yvonne Ridley and Mr Saghir Hussain of Cage Prisoners.
Our message to the Americans & the Government of Pakistan, through various speeches and slogans was very clear and is summarized below:
1) Drone attacks must cease immediately. These are judicial murders where our own government is collaborating with the Americans where the casualties are civilians (women/children). This has resulted in the destruction of infrastructure and of peoples lives.
2) We want Pakistan to be a sovereign nation where the Government should make its own domestic & foreign policies as opposed to "made in USA" policies.
3)The Pakistani government is continuously lying to the people of Pakistan. We have been told that this is our war of terror. This is not our war, we have lost 34000 Pakistani lives in the name of USA. The government needs to stop these double standards.
4) Our government has a master slave relationship with the Americans which is evidenced by Wikileaks. We have lost our dignity which we need to regain
5)When there were no military operations there were no Talibans and there were no attacks and there was no terrorism in Pakistan. Drone attacks are increasing extremism in Pakistan and is radicalizing our youth.
6) This war is based on receiving $s. A small number of people in Pakistan are beneficiaries of these $s. Pakistani government needs to stop selling Pakistan for $s
7) With the death of Osama Bin Laden, there is no more excuse for American presence or drone attacks.
8) There is justice, equality and rule of law in the West. We demand that the West promote the same in Pakistan.
PTI UK would like to thank the media who were there in full force (Venus, DM Digital, Geo, Jang, The News etc) and PTI UK workers/members/supporters and those who helped organize the event namely Khwaja Imtiaz, Akram Dhareeja, Amjad Bashir, Basit Shah, Sharjeel Malik, Amrez Iqbal, Waqas Ahmad, Chaudhry Basharat, Mumtaz Hussain, Burair Awan, Abdul Hameed, Atif Chaudhry, Khurram Naeem, Mohd Bin Qasim, Dr Raana Dar, Akib Dar, Sobia Zia, Rizwan Chand, Hamza, Ali Kunwar, Khalid Javaid, Rana Ejaz Mahmood, Sameer Butt, Khalid Farooq, Nasar Khan, Amer Chisti, Shams Khwaja, Hassan Chaudhary, Nayyar, Asif Mahmood and many many others. We would also like to thank Asif Khan for comparing the event and all the volunteers for stewarding the event. 
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