Faisalabad Agriculture University rabi kisan mela 2011

by Abdul Majid Oct 20, 11, 05:56 PM
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The Faisalabad Agricultural University (UAF) organized the Kisan Mela 2011 at Faisalabad.UAFis the first agricultural institute in the country to initiate the concept of Kisan Melas. This activity was started in 1967. These Melas are regularly held once a year at Faisalabad in October. On this occasion, besides field demonstrations, an agro-industrial exhibition is also put up and farm produce competitions are held.

Now regional fairs are also held once a year before the sowing of Rabi. This is done to cater to the needs of the farmers of the sub-mountain zone at Punjab.Kisan Melas at UAFcampus attract around 0.1 million farmers every session. I visited the machinery and tools section of the 2011October Kisan Mela and here are some photographs i clicked there.

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