by: Asad Mahmood from: West Chester Jul 19, 08, 09:00 PM
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Categories: Entertainment
Fireworks at Statue of Liberty on 14th of Moon(Saturday 19th July 2008), Treat for every visitor.
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by: Rehan Sarwar from: New York Jul 19, 08, 02:00 PM
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Categories: Entertainment, Art
Right in the heart of New York City at 53rd street between 5th and 6th Avenue is the Museum of Modern Arts, More commonly known as MoMA. The museum is ...
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by: Asim Fayaz from: Lahore Jul 12, 08, 10:41 PM
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Categories: Entertainment, Sports
LUMS T20 Tournament. Imran Nazir, playing for Siddique Motors, is seen removing his pads after losing his wicket against Abn Amro Bank.
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by: Sarah Qadri from: Lahore Jul 12, 08, 10:09 PM
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Categories: Entertainment
SOS Volunteer Show, a show for the kids by All the Volunteers working in the SOS village, this summer. Show hosted by on of the TV stars and performers included ...
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by: Asim Fayaz from: Lahore Jul 07, 08, 06:14 PM
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Categories: Entertainment
Recording at LUMS of Ankahi - Faisal Qureshi's show about social issues and current affairs. It was attended by people from different batches. The discussion was about the impact of ...
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by: Sarah Qadri from: Lahore Jul 05, 08, 06:00 PM
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Categories: Entertainment
Today at 6pm, Moen ja Daro the Band kicks off in the Basement of Cafe Shafe, infront of an audiance of 50 people. With the Glimmering Disco Lights, Lasers, Smoke ...
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by: Aamir Shahzad from: Chicago Jul 04, 08, 10:00 AM
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Categories: Entertainment
In Chicago Independence day starts with fireworks on 3 of July. Hundreds of peoples form the city of Chicago and its suburbs come to see this spectacular display.
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guest340 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
Very critical situatn in Lahore. Sheling pathrao or lathi charg awam par ho raha.
guest343 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
guest269 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
Longmarch. Gujranwala Main procession has paused at house of local PML-N leader, right on the bypass. About half the people are using the opportunity to rest, the rest are milling about, a small frenzied crowd of party members is chanting "Wazir e azam Nawaz Sharif!" The rest look on cynically.
guest365 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
Insaf. Gujrat
Aaj shahra dastoor pr dharna ho ga ya nahi.

Atif Virk
guest4 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
The departure of ralley has been delayed for 2 hours. Those who woke up late can still become part of the ralley. So join in for restoration of judges.
guest4 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
First bus from Fast-NU lahore,having activists from Fast Rising has departed for zamaan park (Aitezaz Ahsan residence).
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