by: Abdul Majid from: Faisalabad Mar 27, 14, 06:21 AM
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Khadija Irfan Assistant Director Faisalabad Arts Council.
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by: Abdul Majid from: Faisalabad Mar 26, 14, 08:05 PM
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Categories: Sports
Rotay Club Faisalabad arranged a cricket match between Women for polio awareness.In this match Gatti Cricket Club and Paradise Cricket Club participated.MNA Khalida Mansoor,MPA Dr. Najma Afzal ...
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by: Abdul Majid from: Faisalabad May 27, 13, 08:57 AM
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FAISALABAD: Investment opportunities for Pakistani entrepreneurs are available in Sudan, where foreign investors enjoy equal rights as available to local businesspersons, Ambassador of Sudan in Pakistan alShafie Ahmed Mohamed said ...
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by: Abdul Majid from: Faisalabad May 21, 13, 04:22 PM
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Categories: Education
The School which participated in this competition included White Rose School System, Divisional Public School & College, KBI School System, Punjab Medical College, Shiblee College, Allied School System, Aziz Fatima Educational ...
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by: Yaser Awan from: Lahore Mar 30, 13, 07:58 AM in بزم بے ادب
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Categories: سیاست
کچھ دنوں سے اس موضوع پر قلم اٹھانا چاہ رہا تھا پر دل کو ایک دھڑکا سا تھا. ہم نے اپنے کالمز میں زرداری صاحب کا مزاق اڑایا، نواز شریف ...
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by: Abdul Majid from: Faisalabad Feb 13, 13, 12:45 AM
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پاکسستان گرل گائیڈ ایسو سی ایشن فیصل آباد کی طرف سے فیصل آباد گرائمرسکول مدینہ ٹاون میں بیج لگانے کی تقریب منعقد ہوئی جس میں مسلم لیگ ن کی ایم ...
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by: Abdul Qudoos from: Kharian Jul 13, 12, 01:00 PM in demo
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The demolition of six minarets by the police at an Ahmadi place of worship in Kharian says a lot about the continued official discrimination against the beleaguered community and our ...
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by: Abdul Qudoos from: Gujrat Jul 13, 12, 01:00 PM in demo
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After a relative lull, it now appears that the Taliban has once again become active in Punjab and is now targeting the state and military apparatus. The first attack was ...
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by: Abdul Qudoos from: Islamabad Jul 13, 12, 11:00 AM in demo
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A couple of days ago, Kashmala Tariq shut down the reproductive bill, on the basis of religion, stating that it was an issue of ‘sensitive’ nature. Now, either our MPs ...
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