by: Yaser Awan from: Lahore Aug 12, 08, 12:39 PM
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Cavalry was completely drowned. the road near bridge was completely filled with water and a lot of cars were broken down. many Pajero guyz were enjoying though by splashing water ...
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by: Yaser Awan from: Lahore Aug 12, 08, 12:34 PM
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Ali Zeb road and Firdos market were completely chocked. There was so much water that one can't really differentiate between the main road and the service lane. it took ...
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by: Yaser Awan from: Lahore Aug 12, 08, 12:10 PM
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Categories: Other
These are the pictures of Muslim Town and Center point in Lahore. Center point was completely closed as it was filled with water and it was impossible for people to ...
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by: guest109 from: Lahore Aug 12, 08, 11:00 AM
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Categories: Other
Water level was above knee height in front of Waheed Trade Center. Even though its a big hassle still we enjoyed a lot :)
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by: Adnan Rashid from: Lahore Aug 11, 08, 03:13 PM
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Around 100 students from different institutes (FAST, LUMS, UCL, PU) gathered at Lahore Press club to protest for release of Dr. Afia.
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by: Umar from: Lahore Aug 11, 08, 07:11 AM
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Categories: Other
Have you seen one-wheeling khota gaddi? now see this! Location: Back side road of international market, linking University road and Link Road Model Town. What: A garbage truck 'one-wheeling' due ...
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by: Irfan A from: Lahore Aug 10, 08, 05:01 PM
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I got identity of Muhammad Arshad as dinner gift.
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by: Irfan A from: Lahore Aug 10, 08, 10:29 AM
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This Naan shop is offering you private data of hundreds of a cellular company customers for free. All you have to do is to buy a few naans from here ...
8 comments viewed 3995 times 5 pictures

by: Sharjeel Ahmed from: Lahore Aug 10, 08, 05:34 AM
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Members of FAST Rising and some students from PU protested against detension of Dr. Afia
0 comments viewed 2293 times 20 pictures

by: Yaser Awan from: Lahore Aug 09, 08, 04:05 PM
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Students belonging to FAST Rising, SAC, ISF, USF, political parties like Khaksaar Tehreek, and Professionals from YPL protested in front of Lahore Press Club for the release of Dr Afia ...
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guest340 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
Very critical situatn in Lahore. Sheling pathrao or lathi charg awam par ho raha.
guest343 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
guest269 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
Longmarch. Gujranwala Main procession has paused at house of local PML-N leader, right on the bypass. About half the people are using the opportunity to rest, the rest are milling about, a small frenzied crowd of party members is chanting "Wazir e azam Nawaz Sharif!" The rest look on cynically.
guest365 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
Insaf. Gujrat
Aaj shahra dastoor pr dharna ho ga ya nahi.

Atif Virk
guest4 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
The departure of ralley has been delayed for 2 hours. Those who woke up late can still become part of the ralley. So join in for restoration of judges.
guest4 Dec 04, 09, 12:17 PM
First bus from Fast-NU lahore,having activists from Fast Rising has departed for zamaan park (Aitezaz Ahsan residence).
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